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Monday 26th November: Somebody (??) from London-town, from NHS England is coming to Matlock, Derbyshire County Council Scrutiny Committee, to give an account and answer questions (with the usual weasel words one assumes…) about the savage CUTS that Derbyshire faces and then offer some platitudes (one assumes…) about why this is just fine, and we should not worry.
There will be a protest on the steps of County Hall at 13.30 and then the meeting itself starts at 14.00…be there if you can…
A vigil was held on the steps of the Council House in Derby, on Wednesday 21st of November. Around 80 protesters gathered to listen to a range of speakers describing just how important this service is for those in the greatest Psychological need.

It is both shocking and disturbing to think that this cavalier CCG – in the name of saving money – thinks that people who have experienced the most severe of traumas in their lives can be brushed aside and offered a watered down, alternative, short therm therapeutic approach…and that this will be good enough, to help those peoples’ deeply significant and complex problems.
Can this really be considered in this day and age?
This is what one protester had to say…a man who has actually experienced support via the Psychotherapy Service that is under threat of being cut…
Way back in August this is what was being said about forthcoming cuts:

An event coming soon: 

Public meeting – Turning The Tide – Monday 10th December

Come to a fascinating and important public meeting Public Meeting on 7:15 pm Monday 10th December at St Peter’s Church 10 Saint Peter’s Churchyard, Derby, DE1 1NN in Derby. Speakers are  Karen Ritchie from the independent Derbyshire Health Watch organisation, who will tell us what is happening and what should be a happening  and Peter Gillard from Health Campaigns Together and Keep Our NHS Public (KONP). He is actively involved in building a broad fronted campaign in Shropshire He will lead a discussion of how to win our campaign for the NHS. To be chaired by Keith Venables.
Please helps us to plan effectively for this event, by visiting this link and booking a place – thanks: Organised by Derby Unite Community and SOS NHS Derbyshire/Derby.

The (combined) Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body meeting meets on Monday December 13

Let us show our feelings at the next CCG meeting, Monday 13 December 2018 at 2.30 pm at Coney Green Business Centre, Coney Green Business Park, Clay Cross S45 9JW. Click below for the map:
The four statutory CCG Governing Bodies of Southern Derbyshire, Erewash, Hardwick and North Derbyshire CCGs have agreed to hold future meetings as ‘meetings in common’ on a monthly basis and will not be meeting as separate entities in future.



The Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that seeks to cut a vital psychological Support Service to some of the most vulnerable people, for example those who have experienced significant and deep trauma, has a so-called “consultation” process that is on-going NOW!
Please read the Healthwatch Derby email that tells you about it – sadly, this is all CCG-speak. It is simply a vital requirement to have (choice) and a range of different therapies available to meet differing needs…
See also the “survey” within, at the link below…but you can follow this by reading the email Healthwatch briefing referred to above.

Please don’t forget to check out: Coming in the Spring (…I cannot wait…)…

The People’s Inquiry:

Visit here and PLEASE contribute, with your stories…thanks



Please keep your eyes glued to social media:

£51 million ‘savings’ The four Derbyshire NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are collectively in a financial crisis which leaves them over budget by £91million this financial year, and carrying 10% of the entire NHS CCG overspend in England. If they achieve £51 million savings this year NHS England will ‘defer’ the other £40 million. But they say next year even more cutting will be needed. What has happened? The Derbyshire Tory MPs are blaming local mismanagement. The real reason is that the government NHS cuts have been unfairly targeting Derbyshire. All parts of the NHS are in crisis – and all parts of the NHS are being bullied into making cuts. That is why Derbyshire NHS managers are trying to cut or do away with voluntary sector contracts. That is why they are pressuring all their middle managers to come up with cuts in a hurry – which is destroying morale. That is why the four CCGs, which were only created a few years ago are to be very rapidly merged into one, while making swingeing cuts at the same time. That is why they prefer to hold meetings in secret and keep information from the public. That is why Derby NHS campaigners were thrown out of an NHS meeting with Derby City council which was discussing cuts.

Meeting Diary – September 2018:

03rd, at County Offices, Matlock, 19.00 hrs:
A meeting of SOS NHS, Save Our NHS and Local Keep Our NHS Public groups to discuss the current threat of £51m in cuts to services during the financial year…
People may already be aware of concerns raised by Derbyshire Healthwatch Chief Officer Karen Ritchie – real concerns and serious doubts are in the public domain concerning the wisdom of health Commissioners regarding their draconian plans to cut millions of pounds/services – imminently.
08th, at Strutts, Belper, 10.00-15.30, a Confernece and Workshop: ONLY For Those involved in Patient Participation Groups (in local GP Practices)
Time for those involved to explore the issues affecting GP Practices from around the County and to discuss what can be done to influence CCGs
10th, at County Offices, Matlock, 13.30 for 14.00:
A protest at 13.30, to be followed by our presence within the Scrutiny Meeting of Derbyshire County Council, 14.00: when there will be a discussion about the planned series of cuts, referred to above…with Karen Ritchie (above) invited to be in attendance.
County Leaders have come forward, to CCG Chief Officer Dr Chris Clayton,  to express their concerns…and thus pressure is building on the CCG – which needs to back down and reconsider…better still, to stand up to the Government and say “enough” – we cannot make cuts to vital services on this scale…we need the funding to provide the NHS Services the (Country) County of Derbyshire requires.
25th, Council House, Derby, Adults and health Scrutiny Board, 18.00-20.00:
This important meeting will continue to maintain its overview of issues affecting CCG plans, including the planned series of cuts…
Derbyshire’s Specialist Psychotherapy Service is UNDER THREAT…
Watch this space for information relating to how you can protest and resist the plans to cut this vital service to those people struggling with issues that seriously affect their mental health and well-being…   Presently this service is under threat of closure – and this is simply not acceptable and these plans must be stopped
A good place to start is by signing the petition, which may be found here…
Please sign, help and Do spread the word…all cuts of this kind affect the integrity of local service provision and affects, in particular, ordinary people (like us…) – who may be unable to advocate for themselves: people need our help to resist the nightmarish impact of wholesale cuts to NHS Mental Health Services of this kind…
CCG Merger meeting (09th August), Feedback:
The so-called consultation meeting regarding the merger of the 4 CCGs went ahead as scheduled on 09th August and a significant number of concerned citizens were present to hear what Health leaders had to say, and to listen to excuses about the speed and lack of depth in the consultation process.
Local activists from SOS NHS Derby and Derbyshire disrupted the meeting and stated wherever possible that we are in protest over the process and the disregard for public opinion – and we do not see ourselves as either “engaging” or “being engaged with…”
you can read how the forthcoming loss of jobs through the proposed merger was reported in the Derby Telegraph, below…

In the past…but not so long ago really, still provides worthwhile background, so do please read on:

So-called “Consultation” meeting to discuss  the proposed Merger of the 4 CCGs into one Mega-organisation.

Here is the link to the relevant spiel:
  This takes you to the following “Consultation” document…
Merger Proposal Public Consultation Document FINAL 24.07.18 (2)

The problem that many of us have with this, apart from the opaque language, is that we know every well that Dr Clayton was appointed to drive this through in the first place…thus the decision has already been made. Why then – with such a financial imperative (that is, I mean…a runaway (and rapidly escalating) budget of Millions of pounds) are they running costly sham Consultation exercises?

Well at least to their “credit” (my tongue firmly in cheek here) they have chosen the month when nobody is out there to take an interest or challenge…well done to them for a cunning plan, well deployed.

The suggestion is that people turn up and speak their mind – ask awkward questions etc. on:

09th August, 17.00 (for 17.30-18.30) at St. Peter’s Church, Derby DE1 1NN,-1.4784299,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4879f13d629f2689:0x69a19d57d85a583f!8m2!3d52.9204059!4d-1.4762412?hl=en

Please register your attendance at:

Have your say via an online questionnaire at:

here’s why this merger topic matters…on the one hand it looks like a simple case of “cutting the middle managers” however the real reason is more sinister:

The development of an “Integrated Care System
This is planned to be for NHS services so far, but could easily include all Social Care Services as well. There would then be nothing to stop the whole “system” being taken over and controlled by a private sector company like Virgin Care or one of the huge American Health Corporations.  The private sector companies with a financial interest in this have already supplied staff and ideas to help plan it – Derbyshire NHS Managers have paid nearly £600,000 to the healthcare division of General Electric, one of the largest companies in the world, to ‘help’ them re-organise.
Yes…be afraid…

Can you spread the word and join us? Please do so if you can…thanks

See what the Independent Watchdog, Derbyshire Healthwatch have to say about the current “behaviour” of the CCG – they are worried too…why?

Read it and you will see for yourself…


Derbyshire’s Specialist Psychotherapy Service
There is a petition to sign, which may be found here:
And you will find information and background as to why this service must be saved…   You can also follow this short presentation:
STOP the Closure of Derbyshire Health Care Foundation Trust NH…

STOP the Closure of Derbyshire Health Care Foundation Trust NHS Mental Health Specialist Talking Therapy Service

Posted by Save NHS Derby Psychotherapy Service on Sunday, 15 October 2017

This is just the beginning, with some £51m of cuts coming down the tube in this financial year…seriously folks: anything that is not “required” or “statutory” provision is going to be cut…they appear to have a curious maxim these days, too, which is something along the lines of:
“…There is inequity of provision North and South of the County…” so what they do, instead of levelling UP they instead CUT the service…way-hay: no longer any inequity, just no service at all…clever innit?
If only this was not just dark humour…this is serious
And they say that Privatisation is not a concern for the NHS…with Virgin now receiving circa 2Bn in NHS contracts.   But at least SOS NHS Derby’s own Michael Giaquinto & friends (can you spot him?) made it into the newspaper with a fantastically appropriate “realist” graphic, showing the real threat to OUR NHS via Privatisation in all of its guises…
We intend to celebrate the existence of the NHS year on year, in Derby, if we can…with an annual event, perhaps at The Spot, but certainly somewhere within the City.
  We were pleased to be a part of this year’s NHS 70th Birthday celebrations, and some of you will know that we held a Vigil (at Florence Nightingale’s statue, near the former DRI site, on London Rd) followed by a rally and a party, with cake, speeches, and various verbal and musical acts. We felt that it was a great success…help us to do this again.



In the third  picture (top row) you can see Ray Tallis, co-author with Jackie Davis, of “NHS SOS: how the NHS was betrayed – and how we can save it” a seminal text. Ray came to Derby several years ago now, to share his fears for OUR NHS – and the fight is intensifying as the years roll on, whilst we remain in the grip of Tory Austerity and NHS under-funding.
Below, you will also see the SOS NHS Derby banner, still going strong…many campaigning events and marches later. The final picture shows the end of the march: the stage where, among others, Jeremy Corbyn addressed the marchers…

All pictures will enlarge on a PC if you click on them


At the Governing Body meeting (in Public) of the CCG today, 22nd June 2018, the plans for the replacement of Babington Hospital were nodded through.
Despite opposition and the ardent advocacy of local campaigners, who asked the Board, during the meeting, for the opportunity to ask questions about the “consultation” and decision process – PRIOR to the decision being taken – they were firmly refused.
The Chairman indicated that “due process for meetings in Public would be followed” – this “due process” being the opportunity to ask questions AT THE END of the session – by which time the Campaigners questions would prove too late to prevent the wrong decision being made. A heart-breaking refusal for our Campaigners.
The plans will now proceed, for a 2 year lead-in, and completion target for a new combined Health-Social Care service, in Belper, to replace Babington…WITHOUT the equivalent NURSED Beds of the current provision.
Keith Venables from Belper SOS NHS, spoke later in the afternoon, on Radio Derby on the Campaigners reaction, plus the future intention to fight on. Listen to the Radio Interview, here:
There was a protest outside the Headquarters of the CCG, at Cardinal Square, Derby this afternoon, and despite the presence of both Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May, it was not enough to stop Health Chiefs in their tracks, and the Babington decision was taken. This was the proposal as submitted to the Governing Body today, 22nd June, by Helen Dillistone, Lead Officer for SDCCG and Interim Director of Commissioning Operations Derbyshire CCGs. [N.B: Click on the text and it will enlarge in your screen] This is what the local paper has been saying about Babington Hospital.

National Demonstration – as part of the Celebrations of 70 years of OUR NHS:

Details on how to attend, are given below:


There will be a Vigil for OUR NHS, held at The Florence Nightingale Statue, on London Rd, near the old DRI, at 11.00, and if there are sufficient numbers we will then parade through the town ending up at The Spot, near the INTU Centre, for 2 hour Celebration, by 12.00 Midday. There will be Live Music and speeches.
  ******************************************************************** A small homage to Professor Stephen Hawking, a man who believed in the NHS and was prepared to fight for it…—talk-nhs-keynote-lecture

STOP PRESS – A surprise visit to QMC, followed by The Royal Derby Hospital: 16th of March, 2018…

By guess who?          

Few people will have been aware that Mr Hunt, whom some might call “the scourge of the NHS” visited Derby, on Friday 16th…the word went out around 22.00hrs on the 15th, and loyal Campaigners and supporters – advocates for OUR NHS – scrambled to be there to greet him, outside the gates of the hospital. Why outside the hospital? Because we were firmly advised by Hospital Security staff not to enter the premises. There is a debate, now internally, as to whether we should have been more insistent.
        So, what happened? They sneaked – well they would, wouldn’t they – JH up the back passage, and here he is addressing an audience in the lecture theatre…
Read Gavin Boyle’s plaudit to JH, here:
It refers to the announcement that the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) – yes, did you spot that… OUR NHS and the word “market” in the same context – have approved the merger of Derby Royal and Burton Hospitals…well they would, wouldn’t they (again)…

So, we mobilised rapidly and we tried, but we were dodged by this coward who dare not speak directly with members of the public who do not want any of his reforms or changes and INSIST OUR NHS is properly funded and remains in public ownership.


As usual there is a “meeting in public” of Southern Derbyshire CCG coming up on us rapidly. It is at Cardinal Square, Friday 23rd of March, 10 Nottingham Rd, Derby DE1 3 QT. This is at 13.00 to 15.30. Do come along and tell them what you think of what they are doing, as paid public officers, to OUR NHS. Nb: parking isn’t easy here and you have to ring the CCG to book a parking space. It is best to walk from town. See below for a reason to come along…

26th March, Strutts, Belper:,-1.4897877,16z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1sStrutts+Belper!3m4!1s0x4879f34044ac92d7:0x669c2c68c406ea8!8m2!3d53.0187434!4d-1.484378?hl=en
  There is a meeting this coming Monday, 26th March at 7pm discussing the loss of Nursed Beds and Palliative Care in Belper as well as the loss of Babington Hospital. Please come to hear all the detail and contribute your thoughts.
There is a Southern Derbyshire CCG meeting at Cardinal Square Building  this Friday starting at 1 pm. If you phone beforehand you can book a parking spot. You can come and ask questions at the end of the meeting about this issue and that could have an influence on the final decision over losing our nursed beds in Belper.
Dear Friends, Thank you for signing the petition Save the Nursing Beds in Belper, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends?
  Thanks Mary Dwyer

18th April, 2018

Dr Colin Hutchinson & Dr Allyson Pollock provide a brief introduction to Accountable care Organisations, and why we should oppose them:
Watch this space (our Facebook page/group etc.) for more information on a joint meeting that we are planning, where we intend for the people of Derby to learn more about the horrors of (Un)Accountable Care Organisations (ACO) – coming to us soon. You may find that the terminology changes quickly but ACO will do for now until it settles down…we have a National speaker (Dr Colin Hutchinson above) coming, along with others, to Derby to speak with us, at what promises to be another significant event in the fight for OUR NHS. See what Colin had to say about plans to centralise services in Halifax, for example, here:
Colin is also Chairman of Doctors for the NHS:
For more reasons to dread ACOs read this briefing by Keep Our NHS Public (KONP)
Recently, there was a a select committee inquiry into ACOs: here you will find the written submission by KONP…it is one of the contributors to the select committee hearing, that is coming soon to Derby to talk to you…
Another paper that insists that ACOs be further examined and scrutinised by the select committee – chaired by Dr. Sarah Wollaston, of the Conservative party.

And then the 30th June 2018

Again, watch this space for information and updates, arrangements etc.
  • A rally, a protest & a celebration in London, as part of the 70th Birthday of OUR NHS
  • This is the current Health Campaigns Together leaflet that tells you a little bit more…

HCT leaflet – Current_March 2018
HCT leaflet – Current_March_P2 2018

Later, locally to celebrate OUR NHS…

  In the early planning stages…another bed focused event, like that of last year, 25th of march, where, in glorious sunshine, some of us carried a symbolic bed, from The Royal down to The Spot in Derby town centre…and held a rally.
BELOW…shortly to be archived, see menu…read about it here, for now…


Campaigners plan to PROTEST outside the next Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) meeting in Public: 12.30, with banners and placards, prior to the 13.00-15.30 Governing Body Meeting…we are angry about the lack of open Public consultation about the plans to replace Babington Hospital…and the general ongoing matter of the STP In cooperation with:
VENUE: Cardinal Square, 10 Nottingham Rd, Derby DE1 3QT (Parking is not easy – please note)

See what Cllr Maurice Neville had to say to Derbyshire County Council, upon handing in the 7.5k signature petition…

A very impressive oration that summarises our anger at the lack of County Council willingness to stand up for OUR NHS – we must now fight on!

London, February 03rd a national Day of Protest for OUR NHS.

2 coaches went down to London, from Derbyshire, to join a reported 60,000 other protesters, representatives from SOS NHS Derby and Derbyshire were there, alongside friends from Derby People’s Assembly and The People’s Assembly.

NEWS: Babington Hospital Closure

There was a large open meeting held in Belper, on Monday night (22nd January) where local Health Chiefs from the Clinical Commissioning Group and Derbyshire Community Health Services (DHCS) came together with members of the public and a panel of local activists. Photos from the event are to be found in the “Past Events & Activities” section of the Navigation side bar, left.
Here’s what the local newspaper reported on the event:
The meeting was part of the “Engagement” process – an important distinction is to be made here between “Engagement” and (full) “Consultation”, which the public insist must take place – what appears to be taking place is a non-negotiable route towards the closure of Babington Hospital and the new replacement services. It is expected the campaign to resist Babington closure will step-up from here: please watch this space, along with Facebook for updates
WHY NOT Take a look at the “Books & References” page, in the navigation sidebar and read “How to Privatise the NHS” – a disturbingly accurate narrative?  
NEWS, 16th January 2018: Listen to Cllr Martin Repton, Chair’ of the Health & Wellbeing Board at Derby City Council, on Radio Derby, discussing cuts to Social Care…and his letter to Jeremy Hunt:

Here is a petition that you may wish to sign: there are lots of NHS ones about and you may care to sign them all:

If you want to contact us -and we encourage you to do so – here is the email address:

SOS NHS Derby is also on TWITTER: @SosNhsDerby