About SOS NHS Derby:

The reason we exist:

This new website is constantly evolving, and intends being the place to go for news, information, facts and ACTIVE opportunities for ordinary people to fight (at local and national level) against the systematic on-going destruction of OUR NHS, that is currently taking place… Insidious privatisation and recurring under-funding is bringing OUR NHS to its knees and people need to be informed and recognise what they stand to lose as this precious (and proud) example of the Welfare State is undermined, eroded and sabotaged – we are, thus, fighting, along with others across the Country, to resist the introduction of a privatised health insurance based system – as in the USA

To join us locally, in our fight, you can get in contact with us here: sosnhsderby@gmail.com

To join in Nationally, you can join the rally & protest (organised by The People’s Assembly) in London on 30th June 2018, and also celebrate the 70th Birthday of the NHS…

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