Following on from London…we held a joint event in Derby with Campaigning friends from around Derbyshire…

Stop Press: BELOW: A new YouTube Video…Cllr Maurice Neville, a local Campaigner…after the 7.5k petition was handed in to DCC…

Also, see below (after the report of 09/02/18) for an EVENT – 23RD February:

09th February, 13.00-15.00, St Peter’s Church, Derby City

We began to ask senior NHS and Social Services managers a series of hard edged questions about the future of local health services – not all the intended questions were answered, and instead Campaigners were able to use the time to make their feelings well known: that is we reject all notions of NHS cut backs, rationing, closures and any suggestion that the NHS cannot be properly afforded, or funded, in this day and age. We do not recognise the “spin” contained within the STP, as proper delivery of the original intent of OUR NHS.
Due respect was shown to Senior NHS Managers, who appeared sincere in their passion for the NHS – but not collusion – WE will not be used as tools to achieve targets (CUTS) of the kind proposed. Instead, we say “NO” to Jeremy Hunt and his privatisation plans for OUR NHS
Thanks to those, 60+,  Campaigners present, and via continued interest and watchfulness by the local Press, through a Press release, and then a letter describing the event we were able see coverage in the Derby Telegraph (DT), as follows: 
Click on the clip from the DT, below, and an enlarged version opens.

These are the questions that we still feel are important, for local people in Derbyshire:

  1. How the authorities are planning to manage the projected to £280 million cuts?
  2. Is the target still to cut the equivalent of 535 beds?
  3. How is it possible to alleviate the pressure upon social services?
  4. What are the implications of the ACOs upon the STP infrastructure?
  5. How much of the NHS in Derbyshire has been privatised and how much more will be privatised?
  6. What plans are there to carry out proper consultations over closures and reductions of services?
  7. What will you do to safeguard the employment of all health workers?